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From Business Machines to Computers

The history of LexiCom Computer Systems parallels the history of computers and the world’s transition from business machines to computers.

In 1939, Underwood Office Machines’ district office in Montgomery became an independent franchise dealer – and LexiCom’s history began.

In 1959, after Olivetti bought out the Underwood Company, the firm became an independent franchise dealer for Olivetti. At that time Olivetti was busily investigating the emerging computer industry and developing strategies for integrating the new technologies into their product line.

During the late 1960′s, the firm added small computers to the business machines line. While these original Olivetti computers resembled large programmable calculators more than our current-day computers, the transition had begun.

Finally, by the late 1970′s, the more familiar systems were emerging and the firm’s growing programming expertise was used to develop custom software, mostly in the accounting area.

In the early 1980′s the ProScript Pharmacy System was developed to handle prescription processing including communications software. Software was also developed to handle inventory problems of wholesalers and resellers.

By 1995 almost 100% of the firm’s business was computers, software or computer-related endeavors, so the corporate name was changed to LexiCom Computer Systems, to more accurately reflect our business.

Today our focus is directed towards IT solutions for our customers, bringing new technologies to the office. The business office today is no longer just a building but a network of different topologies and technologies that allow complete access to our business and world.

LexiCom continues to grow and evolve with each new advancement in computer technology, providing computer systems and support throughout Alabama and all surrounding states (MS, TN, GA, FL, LA).

LexiCom has always been a local Montgomery business and throughout the transition, our Mission has always been the same: To provide quality service and support for all hardware and software products we sell.